Posted on: December 28, 2008 5:50 pm

Historical Note

Well at least the Packers will not go down in the history books as the only team to loose to the Lions in 08.  As hard as it is to say this, being a Packer backer, I almost talked myself into wanting the Pack to get the big L, thus better draft picks next year.  Here are a few things I think the Pack must work on to  improve in 09 and make the playoffs.  First, the D-line needs to be addressed either via free agency or the draft.  They were not good against the run, and they couldnt get any pressure on opposing QB's all year long.   Even though injuries played a big role in the D-line's decline in production, the reserves failed to step in and produce.  This unit was once a strength for the Packers, but now it is in trouble.  Second, its time for Thompson to start loosening the purse strings and land a Pro-Bowl caliber FA or two.  I hope the Pack makes a push and signsTerrell Suggs this offseason.  On the other end I hope the Pack stays away from  Albert Haynseworth, he will come with too high of a proce tag, and he has been very inconsistant over his career.  This reminds me too much of the signing of Cledius Hunt and the disaster that turned out to be. 
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